Blinds and Shutters Broomfield

Need Blinds and Shutters in Broomfield?

Deciding between blinds or shutters in Broomfield? There are a few things you will need to consider when looking at both options. First off, what are the main differences between blinds and shutters?

The main difference between blinds and shutters is that shutters are a fixed window treatment, whereas blinds can be easily installed or taken down. Blinds are attached to a headrail and can be raised or lowered and have the slats tilted open or closed. Shutters have a frame that attach to 3 or 4 sides of your window that are considered a more permanent solution.

For residents in Broomfield, price will have to be considered as shutters can be much more expensive than blinds. The upside of having Shutters in Broomfield, is that they actually increase the value of your home, which can be good for resale value. The longevity of shutters will also well outlast that of blinds. Typically with blinds you will have to replace them much sooner than shutters.

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Characteristics of Blinds and Shutters in Broomfield

Lets take a deeper look at blinds and shutters. Blinds can come in all sorts of styles, colors and options. First off, the material can vary, typically from faux wood or wood. Real wood will be lighter than faux wood, which will allow for less connecting cords between the slats and has a more natural look to them. Faux wood blinds will look similar to real wood but do a better job in high humidity rooms and environments. As far as cost real wood will typically be a little more expensive than faux wood in Broomfield.

You can also choose different slat sizes for blinds. They typically range from 2” to 3” and the main thing to consider is the see through capability when they are open. The larger the slat size equates to more view of the outside when open. The same can be said for louver sizes with shutters.

Shutters are more often than not made from either real wood or composite wood. Just like blinds, they can also come in an assortment of colors and styles. Louver sizes vary from 3” to 4 ½” typically with the larger louvers size giving a more modern look to your home in Broomfield. Deciding on a frame style for your shutters can also add to the design you are looking for in your Broomfield home.

With each product, there are many different options to choose from to customize the look of your blinds or shutters. In Broomfield, there are many different styles of homes so deciding on what looks best will be up to you.

How to get Blinds and Shutters in Broomfield

There are a couple of places you can get blinds and shades in Broomfield. If you are looking for a quick option that serves its purpose, there are options at your local hardware stores. If you are looking for a higher quality and longer lasting product, shopping custom may be right for you. I would suggest this option in Broomfield for Shutters especially.

There are multiple custom blind and shutter dealers in Broomfield to choose from. They will professionally measure your windows and offer their expertise directly in your Broomfield home. Whether you are purchasing blinds, shutters or another product, they can walk you through that from selection to install.

Consultation for Blinds and Shutters in Broomfield

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