Broomfield Blinds

What kind of Blinds to get in Broomfield Colorado?

When starting your search for blinds in Broomfield it is hard to figure out where to begin. There are so many different types of blinds to choose from that it can make it overwhelming. First off, when I mention blinds I’m typically talking about your standard aluminum blinds, wood or faux wood blinds so that is not to be confused with shades, shutters or any other type of window covering.

In Broomfield, you there are multiple places you can get blinds but the first thing you want to consider is the setting in which you will be installing the blinds, how long you want them to last and your budget. Lets start with your setting. Typically you will be getting blinds for either your home or business in Broomfield. If it is a rental property or business that you are looking to get blinds for and want to keep it at a relatively low cost, aluminum blinds may be the way to go. They serve a purpose and can be purchased at a low price from your local home store, which there are many in Broomfield. The downside is, they may not be the most visually appealing and tend to break easier than wood and faux wood blinds.

If you are looking for something that is a little more stylish and will last a longer time, wood or faux wood blinds may be the better option. This may be the case for a home you own and are looking for a product that will not only look great, but will last a long time. There are a ton of new build homes in Broomfield, so finding the right blind for your home is an important decision.

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Wood vs. Faux Wood Blinds in Broomfield

Lets talk a bit about the difference between wood and faux wood blinds. Typically wood blinds are going to be a little bit more expensive in Broomfield and across the country but they come with more color and texture options and are lighter than faux wood blinds. Why would the weight of the blinds matter? Well, if you are someone that plans on raising and lowering your blinds frequently you may want something that is lighter weight as it makes operating easier. Another characteristic of wood blinds that you may not know is that they don’t need as many strings or “ladders” to support the slats. Because wood blinds are lighter you will see a wider ladder spacing making it a little more pleasing to the eye than wood blinds.

You may be asking, what are the advantages of faux wood blinds? Not only are faux wood blinds a little more inexpensive but the do really great in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms that typically see higher humidity. Faux wood blinds can be a great choice in Broomfield as they are very resistant to warping and can last a long time. If texture is a concern, most faux wood blinds can be painted or textured to look almost identical to real wood so that typically isn’t an issue.

In Broomfield, most new homes will be given the option to have faux wood blinds installed as it remains one of the top used window treatments in all of the country. They look great and give you flexible light control options at an affordable price.

Where do I get Blinds in Broomfield?

If you have decided on getting aluminum blinds in Broomfield, your best bet would be to purchase them from Lowes or Home Depot. Both stores will offer affordable aluminum blinds and can offer installation services as well. If this is a larger commercial job, which there are plenty of these in Broomfield, you may want to find a custom blind dealer.

For wood and faux wood blinds, I would highly recommend going with a custom window-covering dealer. It may be a little more expensive than going through your local big home store but they will last a much longer time and give you the expert consultation you need. In Broomfield, there are multiple dealers to choose from that carry brands that include Hunter Douglas, Graber and Norman to name a few.

An expert window-covering professional will be able to show you samples of blinds in your home so you can get the best idea of how they will look in the space they will be installed. Another plus of getting custom blinds for your home in Broomfield is the professional installation service that is always included. You will never need to leave your home or pick up a tool to get the perfect blinds installed in your home or business.

Ready to Make the Next Step in Getting Blinds in Broomfield?

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