Thornton Blinds

In Need for Blinds in Thornton Colorado?

If you are in need for blinds in Thornton, there are many different options to consider. The most common blinds that can be found in Thornton include aluminum blinds (aka mini blinds), wood blinds and faux wood blinds.

Most people are familiar with aluminum blinds, which are a great inexpensive window covering that can be found both in homes and commercial settings. The difference between faux wood and wood blinds a little more subtle but there are some key differences.

First off, in Thornton and across the US, both faux wood and wood blinds are considered to be an affordable option to use in homes. Wood blinds will typically run a little higher than faux wood blinds when it comes to price. This is because the material is a little more expensive and you get the look of real wood.

Real wood is also lighter than faux wood, so it is easier to raise and requires less support cords, which is also known as ladders. This will increase the ladder spacing in the blinds, which makes them more visually appealing as well.

The benefit of faux wood is that they do great in high humidity environments like bathrooms and resist warping, which makes them a great option in all homes in Thornton.

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Characteristics of Blinds in Thornton

With all types of custom window coverings, there are unique design and control characteristics that accompany them.

For aluminum blinds, there are less as the colors are pretty straight forward and there aren’t many top treatment options, but you do need to decide between cord or cordless lift. Due to the price and flexibility of aluminum blinds you will see them in many businesses and office building in Thornton and the surrounding area.

As for wood blinds and faux wood blinds there are more options available and for the most part, they are the same between the two. There are more colors available in this type of window covering. My general rule of thumb is to try and match the existing trim in your house but there are other color options that can look great.

When it comes to operating control, there is the option for cord or cordless lift with tilt options including wand or cord tilt. As for the top treatment many faux and wood blinds have the option for a valence or even a cornice to cover the headrail.

If choosing a valence, I like to choose an inside mount with an outside mount valence with returns that align with the wall for a more finished look. Many of these options come down to personal preference but when it comes to wood and faux wood blinds in Thornton, you can’t go wrong.

Custom vs Store Bought Blinds in Thornton

When choosing between custom blinds or store-bought blinds in Thornton there are a few things to consider that also hold true for most window covering categories.

Store bought blinds will offer a better price point in Thornton when comparing them to custom bought blinds, which is a great option for those on a budget or landlords looking to cover windows in a rent home.

The downsides include the quality of the product you are getting. Typically blinds bought from a big box store will only last a few years before breaking and come with less of a warranty than custom blinds.

If you are planning on living in your home for longer than a couple of years, it is advisable to choose custom blinds. Custom blinds generally will last a longer time and come with a professional measurement and install service that can’t be matched. In addition, there are more customizable options available that can make your Thornton home look fantastic.

Another benefit to choosing custom blinds in Thornton is you will get the advice from an expert that will walk you through every step from picking the right window treatment all the way through the installation.

Ready to Explore Blinds in Thornton?

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