Erie Blinds

Need Blinds in Erie?

As we all know, Erie is growing at a rapid rate. There are new developments being built all across the area. Many construction companies in Erie may not pre-install blinds or if they do, only offer a limited option of blinds or shades for your home.

If you are looking for a different option than what the builder may offer, there are a couple of different places to look for blinds or shades. One option is to go to your local big box home service store in Erie and shop for blinds or shades there. This typically will be the most cost affective option but may come at the expense of quality. If you are looking for higher quality blinds or shades that will last a long time, shopping custom may be the best route.

There are multiple companies in and around Erie that offer custom blinds, shades and shutters. Typically they will have a professional measure your windows and come with a wide selection of samples and options that can be seen directly in your home. With most custom window covering companies, their service will also come with installation, which makes the entire window covering shopping process easy and worry free.

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Blind Options in Erie?

There are a ton of different blind and shade options to choose from in Erie. First off, what is the difference between a blind and shade. A blind would be considered something that can tilt open or closed like wood and faux wood blinds. Shades are typically made of fabric like material and raise or lower to open.

When we are talking about blinds, the go to option for most homes is wood and faux wood blinds. You can do aluminum blinds, which is a less expensive option, but they usually won’t last as long and won’t be as aesthetically pleasing. Faux wood blinds are a great option in Erie as they look great, offer flexible light control and still come at relatively low price when compared to other window treatments.

Shades are another great option in Erie. Unlike blinds, there are many different types of shades with all of them having their own unique benefits. The two most popular shades in Erie right now are roller shades and cellular shades. Other shade options and some of my personal favorite for homes in Erie are dual shades and sheer shades. If you are looking for custom blinds or shades in Erie, a local window covering specialist will be able to walk you through all the different options and help narrow down your choice for your home.

Timing to get Blinds in Erie

If you have a new build home in Erie, you may be asking when the best time to shop for blinds is. Typically the best time is when your home has all the windows installed and the trim or casing around them complete. Once the windows are complete, a window covering specialist will be able to take accurate measurements and order your blinds or shades for your Erie home.

The shipping times to Erie will vary depending on the product. Typically wood blinds and faux wood blinds will take one to two weeks to be delivered where as shades can vary from two to four weeks. If you are interested in shutters, some companies are taking up to three months for those to arrive so getting them ordered sooner would be the best option. Once your blinds arrive in Erie, it shouldn’t take long to get the install scheduled and blinds put up.

Ready to Shop for Blinds in Erie?

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